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OD Sensor 4in WHITE

A Full Suite of Algae Sensors and Controls.

Algae photobioreactor monitoring and control systems require high precision algae sensors. Configure your AlgaeConnect system with your choice of sensors and control modules. Each ALS-ACM MainBox and ALS-ACX ExtensionBox has ports for 8 sensed quantities and 14 controlled devices.

Sensors for algae include pH, temperature, optical density (algae growth), light, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, nitrate,  ammonium, dissolved CO2, gaseous CO2, pressure based and ultrasonic water level sensors, flow meters, and others.

Sensors are available in 3 styles: rugged Process Grade, Lab Grade, and autoclavable.

  • Process Grade sensors are more durable and come equipped with with 3/4″ NPT mounting threads both on the sensor end and on the cable end for easy process mounting in either ‘submersible’ or ‘in-line’ configurations. They can be mounted either directly into a wall or cover, or mounted to a PVC pipe and inserted at depth.
  • Hot Tap ready Lab Grade sensors are equipped with PG13.5 threads at the cable end, and can be mounted into our Hot Tap Mounting Assembly (PN ALS-HT1). The Hot Tap assembly is mounted to the vessel wall, can be sealed completely, and allows the sensor to be inserted and extracted from a live process without the need of lowering the liquid level.
  • pH, Temperature, and Optical Dissolved Oxygen sensors are available in autoclavable and steam sterilizable versions.

Control Modules

Using the Algae Connect™ software you can quickly program light control, pH control, CO2 control, temperature control, nutrient delivery, and other functions.

 3 types of control modules are available.

  • Relay Boxes turn on and off your power devices like pumps, valves, coolers, heaters.  Available in 4x and 8x relay boxes. (Part numbers ALS-RAC4, ALS-RAC8)


  • Analog Outputs generate a tunable voltage for devices that have varying intensities or speeds like motors or LED lights. Available in 0-5 Volt and 0-10 Volt versions. (Part numbers ALS-DAC2, ALS-DAC2-10).
  • PWM Outputs for devices that need high frequency strobing, 1 hz to 10Khz. Applications include raw LED light systems (up to 100 Volts, 10 Amps) without drivers: control the LED brightness 0-100% directly through the AlgaeConnect software. (Part number ALS-PWM)


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