Prevent harmful conditions from damaging crops with sensor alerts

Prevent harmful conditions from damaging crops with sensor alerts

Your algae monitoring and control system is all set up, humming along efficiently, and the algae is growing well. Your solenoids are controlling the CO2 input so that your pH is always on target. Coolers (or heaters) are controlling your temperature. Maybe you even have automatic harvesting based on the density of your algae.

But what happens if one of the devices breaks down? Pumps, valves, solenoids, and most all electrical devices do fail now and again. Or what if you are using outdoor ponds and a sudden rain storm causes overly high water levels?

If this happens, your growing conditions can quickly get out of whack. This could cause failing growth or even damage to the culture. You need to know ASAP, and fix it. That’s why AlgaeConnect 2.0 now has alerts available for all sensors. You choose the low and high acceptable range for any sensor in the sensor configuration page of the software, enter in up to 3 phone numbers, and the software will notify you immediately if one of your sensors goes out of the acceptable range.  The alert will get re-sent periodically until the sensor is back in range. If the sensor goes back in range, then back out again, you get another notification.

It takes just a few seconds to set up these alerts for any sensor, but it can save you a LOT of grief and money.

You can also set up audio/visual alerts locally, using the standard relays supplied with all AlgaeConnect systems. Call us for more details.


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