Autoclavable Sensors

Autoclavable Sensors

Algae Lab Systems now has a new line of autoclavable and steam sterilizable sensors for use with the AlgaeConnect ™ suite of photobioreactor monitoring and control equipment.

Most sensors are not designed to withstand the extreme heat and pressure required in autoclaving. In a typical setup, an autoclave will rise to 121 deg C and 100 kPa for 15-20 minutes or 134 deg C and 100 kPA for 3-4 minutes. This places considerable strain especially on the chemistry membranes that enable selection of particles specific to the sensor, but also on any embedded electronics.

For the growth of algae, since bacterial contamination can become catastrophic, it sometimes becomes necessary especially during inoculation phases to keep cultures as close to axenic as possible, hence the need for autoclaving all parts of photobioreactors, including sensors.

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Datasheet: Process Autoclavable Optical DO ALS-DOA1

Datasheet: Process Autoclavable pH-Temp ALS-PHTA