Monitoring, Control, and Data Logging System


Implement Your Aquaculture Plan 24/7, Without Being There 24/7.

  • Monitor your aquaculture tanks with industrial grade sensors.
  • Automate the environment with control modules that interface to your existing hardware.
  • Simple software for numerical and graphical display, control, and calibration.
  • Log all readings to a local database with charting and spreadsheets.
  • Integrate multiple tanks into a single system from a central computer.

AquaRealTime™  automated control and monitoring is like having an operator at each of your tanks all the time.

Control Modules: ART™ provides 3 types of control modules: Relay Boxes turn on and off your power devices like pumps, valves, coolers, heaters; Analog Outputs output a tunable voltage for devices that have varying intensities or speeds like motors or LED lights; PWM Outputs for devices that need high frequency strobing.

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Sensors are available in 2 styles: rugged process grade style with 3/4″ NPT mounting threads or Lab Grade. Sensors include pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen (optical and standard sensors), turbidity, light, conductivity, salinity, nitrate, CO2, water level, water flow, and others. Our optical dissolved oxygen sensors are the most stable and reliable DO sensors available and typically require only one calibration annually.

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ART™ MainBox and XtBox:The MainBox is the central controller of the system. Sensors and Control Modules connect directly into the MainBox, and the ART™ software runs on the MainBox. For multiple tank control, connect XtBoxes, which have the same I/O features as MainBoxes, into the MainBox. Each MainBox and XtBox can support up to 8 sensors and 14 control outputs.

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