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Increase crop productivity and reliability. Reduce operational expenses.

Whether you’re growing Haematococcus, Spirulina, Dunaliella, or any other strain, successful algae production relies on constantly maintaining the optimal conditions specific to your strain.  AlgaeConnect™ automates repetitive monitoring and control tasks so that the ideal environment is maintained consistently and with less manpower.

Incredibly easy to use

Set up a wireless pond Monitor and Control package in under an hour. Start collecting vital data immediately, and watch your repetitive tasks get done automatically.

Rugged and Reliable

Rugged and Reliable AlgaeConnect™ systems are designed to withstand outdoor use in hot and wet conditions. Our wireless technology has ranges from 200 meters to well over a mile outdoors.


Other systems restrict your sensor choices. With AlgaeConnect™, connect any sensor to any port on our SPARC control. Choose from dozens of industrial grade sensors and control modules.

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Keep adding more sensing and automation as you expand production. Connect hundreds of data sources for each Gateway, and add more Gateways later. Retrieve all your sensor data in seconds.

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AlgaeConnect™ turnkey systems components

HubBox and Wireless Gateway

The HubBox is the central server of the system. It runs the AlgaeConnect™ software and communicates wirelessly with the SPARC Control boxes via the Wireless Gateway. Each HubBox can communicate with up to 15 SPARC devices for a total of up to 200 sensed and controlled parameters. HubBoxes can be connected to remotely from tablets or phones within the network to view all parameters in real time as you walk around the site. Locate the HubBox indoors or in a cabinet. Wireless range can be expanded to well over a mile with ALS-REP1 repeaters.

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SPARC Control Boxes

AlgaeConnect™ wireless SPARC boxes are waterproof, heat tolerant, rugged control units that are mounted at the pond or PBR. Each box has 4 dual sensor input ports and 2 solid state relays, either DC or AC. They communicate using autonomous wireless system with the HubBox. They are independent of the HubBox, and will continue to implement control algorithms such as CO2 control even when the HubBox is turned off. These boxes are rugged, lightweight, low power, and can be easily mounted to walls, posts, or cabinets

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Sensors and Control Modules

Choose from a wide variety of high grade sensors optimized for the demands of algae growing: pH, temperature, DO, nitrate, ammonium, algae density, light, flow rate, liquid level. \nOur sensors come in various technologies: chemical, optical, galvanic, autoclavable, ultrasonic, and various mounting types and sizes. Our control modules can interface to just about any of your electrical devices and nclude relays, PWM circuits, and analog outputs.

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Wireless System Overview

“We are very happy with our recent purchase of an AlgaeConnect system for use on a set of large outdoor raceway ponds. The plug and play probes, HubBox and Sparc boxes are easy to install and clean, as well as being rugged & waterproof in outdoor conditions. The system has given hassle-free wireless connectivity for 8 ponds over a distance of 70+ meters. The software is easy and intuitive to use, and live data and historical trends can be accessed from any device either on or off-site. Thanks to Chris and his team who have provided excellent and responsive support.”

Uncompromising Support, Customer, South Africa
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