Complete PBR Control, Made Easy.

  • Industrial Sensors Optimized for Algae PBRs and Ponds.
  • Intelligent Programmable Management of PBR and Pond Hardware.
  • Long Term Data Logging and Graphing for Optimization.
  • Multi PBR Support, Expandable Hardware and Software.
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For datasheets and information on Sensors and Control Modules go to our Sensors Page.

Algae Connect™  automated control and monitoring reduces your workload and streamlines system control by collecting data from sensors constantly and updating system behavior every second based on light, algae growth rate, pH, and other readings. You can schedule the system behavior using our default algorithms or script your own feedback control system. For example:

  • Turn on a CO2 regulator to control pH level.
  • Turn on a harvester pump when the algae density reaches a high threshold.
  • Automatically brighten LED lights as sunlight fades.
  • Control heaters, coolers, valves, relays, pumps, motors, and other devices.

All data is stored on Solid State Drive with 64 GB capacity, and can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet and downloaded. It can also be forwarded to a central computer or HMI.

AlgaeConnect MainBox: The MainBox (ALS-ACM) is the brains of the system. Sensors and Control Modules connect directly into the MainBox, and the AlgaeConnect™ software runs on the MainBox. Each MainBox  can support up to 8 sensors and 14 control outputs.  MainBox Datasheet.

AlgaeConnect ExtensionBoxes (ALS_ACX), which have the same I/O features as MainBoxes, connect to the MainBox. Each ExtensionBox  can support up to 8 sensors and 14 control outputs. ExtensionBox Datasheet.

HMI Support via AlgaeConnect Database Software (ALS-DB-SQLS): this database software runs on a central computer and allows many MainBoxes to exchange information with the central computer in soft real time. Use this option if you want to implement an HMI type interface to all your tanks, ponds, or PBRs.

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Algae Connect™: Implement Your Algaculture Plan 24/7, Without Being There 24/7.

ALS-ACM Datasheet.

ALS-ACX Datasheet.


ALS-ACM_2 copy

  • AlgaeConnect MainBox. 
  • Industrial Grade Sensors.
  • Plant Automation.
  • Optical Density Sensor.
  • Weatherproof.


  • AlgaeConnect ExtensionBox for Multi-PBR Systems.
  • Attaches via USB to the MainBox.
  • Go to Sensors Page.

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