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For datasheets and information on Sensors and Control Modules go to our Sensors Page.

Whether you grow haematococcus for astaxanthin, spirulina for nutritional algae, chlorella, dunaliella, or any other algae strain, automated control and monitoring reduces your workload and streamlines PBR or pond management. The AlgaeConnect™ hardware/software is the most powerful yet simple algae monitoring and control system anywhere. The new HTML5 software version is incredibly responsive, full featured, reliable, and allows user control of all features from the browser based interface. To set up a new system, choose from a drop down menu of 30 sensors and automate the PBR and pond behavior using a drop down menu of sophisticated control algorithms. For example:

  • Turn on or pulse a CO2 regulator to control pH level.
  • Activate a harvester pump when the algae density reaches a threshold.
  • Increase LED light intensity as algae density increases.
  • Control coolers, valves, relays, pumps, motors, LEDs, and other devices.

All data is stored on Solid State Drive with 64 GB capacity, and can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet and downloaded. It can also be forwarded to a SCADA system for centralized monitoring and control of large algae farms.

  • Browser Based Remote Access Across Devices. *NEW*
  • Autonomous Wireless Communications from Ponds/PBRs to HubBox server. *NEW*
  • ALS-SPARC-2a/d wireless controller is waterproof and heat tolerant.
  • Suitable for outdoor pond use in warm climates.
  • Industrial Sensors Optimized for Algae PBRs and Ponds.
  • Intelligent Programmable Management of PBR and Pond Hardware.
  • Long Term Data Logging and Graphing for Optimization.


Modular and Scalable. Ponds or PBRs.

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AlgaeConnect™ HubBox

The HubBox (ALS-ACH) is the central server of the system. It runs the AlgaeConnect™ software and communicates wirelessly with the ALS-SPARC-2a/d Control boxes via the ALS-WHUB1 Wireless Hub. Each HubBox  can communicate with up to 8 SPARC devices for a total of up to 80 sensed and controlled parameters. HubBoxes can be connected to remotely from tablets or phones within the network to view all parameters in real time as you move around the ponds or PBRs.

AlgaeConnect™ ALS-SPARC2

AlgaeConnect™ ALS-SPARC2 are waterproof, heat tolerant, wireless Monitoring and Control boxes. Each box has 4 dual sensor input ports and 2 solid state relays, either DC or AC. They communicate over autonomous wireless waves with the HubBox. They are independent of the HubBox, and will continue to implement control algorithms such as pH control even when the HubBox is turned off. These boxes are rugged, lightweight, low power, and can be easily mounted to walls, posts, or cabinets.

AlgaeConnect™ ALS-SPARC2


SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), Algae Lab Systems now offers a SCADA system that allows plant wide HubBoxes to exchange sensor and control data with a central computer in real time over a LAN or WAN connection. Our remote web apps can then connect to the central computer. The software can be customized for your PBR setup, with sophisticated graphing, alarms, access permission levels, custom graphics, SQL database logging, and more.


AlgaeConnect Multi-PBR Architecture

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Consulting and Systems Integration Services

The Algae Lab Systems team is available for customized engineering services to help your algae farm grow smoothly. We provide custom mechanical, electrical, software, and systems engineering services on a consulting basis. Let us know what your needs are, and we’ll gladly give you a quote.

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