AlgaeConnect 2.0 software is in general release!

AlgaeConnect 2.0 software is in general release!

The AlgaeConnect software has been rebuilt from the ground up using the latest HTML5 and JS tools, with rich responsive charting, incredibly easy setup of ponds/PBRs, new control algorithms specific to algae growth, logging of all calibrations and control events, user permission levels, and many added features.

Our incredibly easy to use Setup page can configure a basic 10 pond system in about 15 minutes, whether you’re an expert or a beginner. You can add sensors, controls, ponds, all in a few clicks, and set up or modify powerful control routines to optimize your algae growth in seconds.

“We are very happy with our recent purchase of an AlgaeConnect system for use on a set of large outdoor raceway ponds. The plug and play probes, hub and Sparc boxes are easy to install and clean, as well as being rugged & waterproof in outdoor conditions. The system has given hassle-free wireless connectivity for 8 ponds over a distance of 70+ meters. The software is easy and intuitive to use, and live data and historical trends can be accessed from any device either on or off-site. Thanks to Chris and his team who have provided excellent and responsive support.”

– Customer, South Africa

We’ve added a lightning fast and full-featured charting engine, that allows you to put any number of signals onto individual charts for each pond, or a global chart to compare across ponds/PBRs. You can also customize the appearance of the charts, as well as the color scheme of the whole software.

Our new Events page logs all your calibrations and control activities in a sortable list, such as when relays are turned on and off so you can always track what activities the system is performing. We’ve added new calibration routines, such as two point density calibration that can output your grams per liter values.

True one-click retrieval of the database to an Excel ready file has been embedded, as well as one click refreshing and backup of the database. Help manuals are now integrated into the software, with Getting Started, Software Manual, and Sensor Use and Care documents included.

With our new software architecture, you can now directly access your AlgaeConnect dashboard from any phone, tablet, or PC, and can set up user permissions levels like Viewer, Technician, and Administrator.

The AlgaeConnect software can export real time values of all sensor and control values to external software packages over Ethernet, so that users can embed the monitoring and control features of AlgaeConnect directly into their own software packages such as SCADA or others.