Algae Lab 250

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Algae Lab 250 Standard Features

The Algae Lab 250 gets you running experiments and growing algae quickly. At 1 square meter in area, It fits in indoor labs, can be run outside, and can be used with AlgaeConnect™ sensors and software so it almost runs itself.

Indoor/Outdoor Use
The Algae Lab reactor can grow algae in the lab or outdoors for true solar testing

HeliFlow™ Low Shear Mixing
Patent pending helical flow with adjustable cycle rate. Control manually or automate with AlgaeConnect™

CO2 Control
Adjustable rate CO2 can be set manually or purchase AlgaeConnect™ to have CO2 time-scheduled or automatically adjusted to incoming light, temperature, pH, or DO.

1m2 photosynthetic area, from 5 to 30 cm deep. 250 L volume at 25 cm depth

AlgaeConnect™  Monitoring, Control and Data Logging Package (optional)
Reduce your workload and improve your experiments.

Easy Cleaning and Culture Swap
Inner tub is light weight and removable. Sealable lid is PAR transparent and can be purchased with warming or cooling PAR transparent covers.

Algae Lab 250 Data Sheet

Optional Add-ons

Optional add-ons allow you to further improve yield or decrease operational costs of algae growing to assess commercial viability of your strains.

  • Stand Alone Operation
  • IR Light Reflector
  • Temperature Control
  • Artificial Lighting
  • Extra sensors: CO2, Optical density, secondary PAR

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