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Algae Lab 250

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Sensor and Control Package

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Algae for biofuels, algae for animal feed, algae for nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and biomaterials. There are so many uses for algae but like any crop, growing algae can be challenging. Each algae strain has its own unique optimal growing conditions. How do you find these conditions?

Algae Lab Systems provides a turnkey growing system designed to help you optimize algae yield and grow meaningful amounts of algae in the lab or outside. The Algae Connect ™ software monitors and controls all important growing conditions with integrated sensors.

Our products are designed to help you grow algae in photobioreactors and ponds quickly and easily. Buy only what you want to start with, you can always upgrade later. From sensors to automated mixing and CO2, from IR blockers to LED lighting, choose the products that fit your needs AND your budget.

AlgaeConnect™ Monitoring, Control and Data Logging: automatically monitor and control for optimal growing conditions. Our easy-to-use software can be accessed from your personal PC over included Wi-Fi connectivity. Data is logged from all sensors DO, PAR light, temperature, pH and many others. The CO2 stream rate, mixing speeds, and nutrient inputs are also logged so you can reproduce the optimal conditions later. Light control, pH control, CO2 control, temperature control, nutrient delivery, are all easily programmed.

Algae Lab Systems products allow you to manage the growing conditions of your algae strains with precision similar to units twice their cost, with a higher daily yield. The patent pending helical flow mixing system can be configured to optimize growth rate or to emulate open pond conditions. Depending on conditions and strain choice, the Algae Lab 250 can produce between 20 grams and 80 grams of dry weight algae per day from a 1 square meter footprint.